Green Circle Service Corporation
... serving the Taormina community ...
Ojai, California


Gas & Electric Streetlight Repair

The sreetlight at each home is the only lighting on Taormina Lane.
It is a matter of public safety that our road be lit at night - that is why
the CC&Rs stipulate that each streetlight be kept in working condition.

Helpful hints...

1. True Value Hardware and Ace Hardware carry gas mantles

2. Ojai Valley Glass (525 N. Ventura, Oak View) will cut glass pieces for replacements (649-3335)

3. If the gaslight is not working, THE GAS COMPANY can be called to help (800-427-2200).

4. Replacement parts can be ordered from:

Gaslight Conversions, Inc.
1039 Charles Avenue
St. Paul , MN 55104 .

Low voltage bulbs- 6 pack
- The "T" shaped piece to convert from gas to electric is available
- A LED conversion is available

 5.  In recent years some people have switched to solar power lights.
    Conduct an internet search: "home solar lighting"